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Bespoke Irish Dance Dresses

Crafted in Ireland



The Doire

Shauna Shiels creates a range of bespoke Irish dance dresses which are handcrafted in Ireland by the skilled and experienced team at Doire Dress. Situated close to the Donegal Border in the beautiful city of Derry. Derry was once a powerhouse for shirt factories, world renowned for quality workmanship, a solid base for the team at Doire Dress to build on.

Doire dresses are designed uniquely for each dancer, matched to the level a dancer is competing at, the preferred budget, and most importantly the style that best suits the individual dancer.  


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Doire Dress Ltd was founded in 2006 by Shauna Shiels. Shauna having been involved in Irish Dancing for many years with her daughters Tomasina and Codie had been creating dress designs for her girls as a hobby.

Shauna has grown and developed her business through dedication, passion and skill, growing it from a small kitchen business to an award winning, Irish Dance Dress Design fashion house. Doire Dress is a brand recognised throughout the world, exporting to the UK, America, Canada and Australia.

The business operates from its own premises, manufacturing high quality Irish dance costumes and leading the way in innovative modern designs and dress making technology. The business has acquired a committed and highly skilled workforce dedicated to producing the world’s best quality Irish Dancing Dresses.

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