Privacy Policy

Doire Dress Limited is totally committed to protecting the privacy of our site visitors, database members and clients. Our Doire Dress Limited team members are clients themselves of other Internet sites and fully appreciate and respect the importance of privacy on the Internet. We will not disclose any information about our clients to third parties except where it is part of providing a service to you - e.g. arranging for your garment(s) to be sent to you by an external courier service. Our processes are compliant with GDPR. Personal information supplied by you is processed by Doire Dress Limited pursuant to the fulfillment of our contract namely The Design Agreement below and as necessary for compliance with a legal obligations to which we are subject. Should you want to obtain a record of any personal information we hold on you please email us at info@doiredressdesigns.com

Data Protection and Consent

The Company collect data from the Buyer in order to provide the design and manufacture of custom fitted garments. This information is stored after the production process is completed and stored only to the extent that is required for compliance under law on the United Kingdom. This data will never be shared with Third Parties. If you have a complaint or a question about out policy please email us on info@doiredressdesigns.com and address your email to Shauna Shiels Company Director who will return your enquiry within 5 working days.

The Company reserves the right to take photographs of all our dresses to use in our marketing and advertising campaign, which include but are not limited to leaflets, Website, Social Media and national press. The Company will confirm consent in writing for photography and moving images featuring dancers prior to publication digitally or in printed media.

Fitting Policy

After your first appointment with Doire Dress Limited, a second fitting will be organised once the garment is constructed. During this second fitting the tailor will determine, with you, whether any minor adjustments need to be made to perfect the fit. Any such adjustments are conducted in-house at no cost to you the client. All of our adjustments are overseen by our fitting team, who have been fully trained as bespoke dress makers. Any adjustments to the dress after the final fitting date will incur an additional cost as outlined in you Design Agreement.

Returns & Refunds

Doire Dress Limited is absolutely committed to our customers and the satisfaction that they derive from our custom-made garments. We are also committed to achieving the perfect fit. In this pursuit of perfection, tailoring garments based on the customer’s design requirements and measurements, we are unable to accept returns if you have changed your mind and all orders are non-refundable. This does not affect your statutory rights. We do, however, 100% stand by the quality and craftsmanship of our garments, and will work with you to correct any genuine faults reported to us in accordance to the Design Agreement.

When you order a bespoke costume from our website, we will create a unique Irish dancing garment to your specific measurements and requirements. After accepting our terms and conditions and paying your deposit, a binding agreement will be formed and you will no longer have the ability to cancel your order.

Please note that, due to the bespoke nature of the costumes we create, the statutory cooling off period that protects online purchases is not applicable.

Shipped Orders

If a shipped order of our garments is faulty or in the unlikely event the garment does not match the approved specification upon receipt, you should:

Contact our customer services team immediately by email (info@doiredressdesigns.com) or telephone (+44 (0) 28 71358016).

  • Do not wear the garment.

  • You may be required to send photographs prior to the return of the costume.

  • You must not alter the garment in any way and return all elements as supplied

  • The costume must be returned in its original condition and in its original packaging to prevent damage

  • Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

  • If it is agreed that there is a fault, the costume will be fixed and returned free of charge.

  • If it is agreed that the costume has not met the approved specification, a new costume will be made and delivered free of charge.

The Company will not be liable in the event that the Measurements provided are incorrect or if detailed design and colour preferences are not provided to the Company.

Design Agreement

Design Agreement

The definitions and rules of interpretation in this condition apply in these conditions.
Buyer: the person who purchases the garment from the Company.
Company: Doire Dress limited
Contract: any contract between the Company and the Buyer for the sale and purchase of the garment, incorporating these conditions.
Garment: any Irish Dancing costume (which definition includes waistcoats) agreed in the Contract to be supplied to the Buyer by the Company.
Delivery Point: the place where delivery of the Costume is to take place

The quantity and description of the garment shall be as set out in the Company’s quotation or acknowledgement of order.

All samples, drawings, descriptive matter, specifications and advertising issued by the Company and any descriptions or illustrations contained in the Company’s brochures are issued or published for the sole purpose of giving an approximate idea of the garments Costume described in them. They shall not form part of the Contract and this is not a sale by sample. Each garment is individually designed to the Buyers requests, measurements and design.

The Company reserve the right to use its garment designs for publicity purposes.

Doire Dress limited requires a non-refundable deposit of £300 GBP for each dress or £100 GBP for each boy’s waistcoat.

Payment of the Deposit constitutes an Order forming the Contract, and as such is subject to administration charges. On cancellation of an Order all materials and monies paid (including the Deposit) shall remain the property of the Company.

All custom design orders are non-refundable. Refunds given (if any) on the cancellation of an Order remain at the discretion of the Company.

The Buyer may have a consultation with the Company which will take a maximum of 60 minutes onsite otherwise they must provide measurements and design specification through the website or email process. The Buyer must provide their home address including postcode, email address, telephone and mobile numbers to the Company.

The Buyer places their order with the Company and pays the Deposit.

The website provides a facility to allow the Customer to make Payments. The Payments are processed via a third party payment gateway, PayPal Payments. To make Payments, the Customer is transferred to the third party payment gateway, where the Customer may enter payment card details. To protect the Customer, the payment details are entered by the Customer on a secure page and transferred as an encrypted message. The Payment is processed by PayPal Services. At no time does the Company have access to the Customer payment card details, however, the Company is responsible for the transaction. In the event of query by the Customer, the Customer should contact the Company (Doire Dress limited).

Design Brief

We try to make the process as simple as possible, therefore dependant on your own circumstances we will work with you to ensure that you get the service that best suits your needs but I will outline our general process s standard.

Following receipt of the Order and the Deposit from the Buyer the Company will acknowledge receipt and accept the Order and shall provide the Buyer with an estimated date of dispatch of the order confirmed upon approval of the design.

Step 1 Following the initial contact we will either a. arrange a consultation appointment for you to come in to our premises.

a.One of our designers will meet with you during this consultation and will discuss design, fabrics and all other requirements. Measurements will also be taken and although price may be discussed final prices will depend on final designs, fabrics and crystals etc. and will not be available until the garment is nearer completion.

b. If you are an overseas customer or unable to come for a consultation we will forward you all the information required via email, together with measurement instructions and photos for you to return to us as soon as possible.

Step 2 In order to ensure your delivery schedule and before any garment can go into production a non-refundable £300.00GBP deposit will be required and can be paid via Paypal or Credit card. Provisional appointments will be made for the completion of the garment. Upon acceptance of the Order, the Company will not begin production of the order until we receive approval from the buyer. Once production has begun there can be no amendments to the agreed specification nor cancellation of the order.

Step 3 A sketch of the dress will be agreed upon at consultation and a colour 3DI image will be sent to you for final approval confirmed by email. Upon approval the garment will go into production. A sketch of the design and a colour 3DI image will be supplied for the Buyers approval prior to production. Fabric samples can be requested but are not routinely supplied unless requested. This sketch is a representation of the garment however is not scaled to any particular size so the amount of design, pattern and placement of embroidery is for design concept illustration only and might not be exactly what will be on your garment but as close as we possibly can to meet your exact measurements. Completion dates will be confirmed. The Company will finalise the price of the garment and provide an estimate for the cost of any additions such as crystals. Once production has commenced no changes will be allowed to the design.

Step 4 Once the garment is ready th Company will contact you to arrange a fitting date or delivery date, at this time the final invoice will also be available. Payment should be made via Paypal, Credit Card, five days before collection unless prior agreement has been confirmed via email to settle the bill in cash on the day of the fitting. Shipped orders, full payment must be received prior to dispatch, cleared payment should be made 5 days in advance of shipping date.

Step 5 Delivery or fitting – if you have arranged delivery of the dress we will send you confirmation of pick up and parcel tracking information. If you attend a fitting at our premises you will normally take the garment with you that day. Any requested alterations to the garment following pickup or delivery will be at the discretion of the production manager and may incur additional charges.

The Company will aim to adhere to the Buyer’s colour and design preferences but reserves the right to modify colours and designs to maintain the styling and colour balance of the Costume. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to ensure that the measurements provided to the Company are accurate and that it has provided comprehensive colour and design preferences, including any specific dislikes. The Company will not be liable in the event that the Measurements provided are incorrect or if detailed design and colour preferences are not provided to the Company.

Manufacture of the costume will take a minimum of 4 weeks from agreement of measurements and approval of design.

Full payment must be received by the Company in advance of the Costume being dispatched.

The Company’s preferred courier is Fed Ex and their current average costs are in the region of:
International Priority Shipping including Insurance £90; and
Special Delivery UK and Ireland Shipping including Insurance £30.

Any dates specified by the Company for delivery of the Costume are intended to be an estimate and time for delivery shall not be made of the essence by notice. If no such dates are specified, delivery shall be within a reasonable time. International shipment can take 3 business days. The Company has no control over custom delays or charges and shall not be held liable for any such delays or charges.

Subject to the other provisions of these conditions the Company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any delay in the delivery of the Goods (even if caused by the Company’s negligence), nor shall any delay entitle the Buyer to terminate or rescind the Contract unless such delay exceeds 30 days.

Once the order has been dispatched by courier by the Company it becomes the property of and is at the risk of the Buyer. The dispatch from the Company’s place of business shall be conclusive evidence of the receipt by the Buyer of the Costume unless the Buyer can provide conclusive evidence proving the contrary.

If for any reason the Buyer fails to accept delivery of any of the Costume when it is ready for delivery, or the Company is unable to deliver the Costume on time because the Buyer has not provided appropriate instructions, documents, licences or authorisations:
(a) risk in the Costume shall pass to the Buyer;
(b) the Costume shall be deemed to have been delivered; and
(c) the Company may store the Costume until delivery, whereupon the Buyer shall be liable for all related costs and expenses (including, without limitation, storage and insurance).


Each dress varies in price according to the following factors: Age, Size, Style of Costume, Materials Used, Stitch count of embroidery. All dresses are priced excluding crystals, an estimate for crystals can be provided once a design has been approved. Crystals are an optional addition and not a requirement .Prices as published in the Range Guides are only guidelines. A price cannot be established until the style, fabric and size of Costume are confirmed. Price will be confirmed when the order is finally approved with confirmed measurements.

Any alterations requested after collection/ delivery of the Costume will be an additional cost see estimates below. However, please note that the cost of the alteration is dependent on the work needed and shall be agreed in advance between the Buyer and the Company.

Alteration will be charged as follows; (the Company reserves the right to vary these prices as necessary)

(a)                Let Down £80 - £ 120

(b)                Let Out £80 - £120

(c)                Extra Layers  £40 - £ 80

(d)                Extra Crystals £25 per 100 up to SS40 clear crystals

£30 per 100 up to SS40 AB colour crystals

The price for the Costume shall be exclusive of any value added tax and all costs or charges in relation to packaging, loading, unloading, carriage and insurance, all of which amounts shall be borne by the Buyer.

Payment of the price for the order is due in pounds sterling on receipt of the invoice. No payment shall be deemed to have been received until the Company has received cleared funds. Delivery of the Costume will take place only when payment has been received. Payment should be made at least 5 days prior to final fitting or shipping date unless otherwise agreed in writing. We accept payment of all major credit cards via Paypal, Bank transfer and Cash on collection

The Company warrants that (subject to the other provisions of these conditions) on delivery, the Costume shall:
(a) be of satisfactory quality within the meaning of the Sale of Goods Act 1979; and
(b) be reasonably fit for purpose as competitive Irish Dancing Costumes.

The Company shall not be liable for a breach of any of the warranties in condition above unless:
(a) the Buyer gives written notice of the defect to the Company, and, if the defect is as a result of damage in transit to the carrier, within 5 days of the time when the Buyer discovers or ought to have discovered the defect; and
(b) the Company is given a reasonable opportunity after receiving the notice of examining the Costume and the Buyer (if asked to do so by the Company) returns the Costume to the Company’s place of business at the Buyer’s cost for the examination to take place there.

The Company shall not be liable for a breach of any of the warranties in condition above if:
(a) the Buyer makes any further use of the Costume after giving such notice; or
(b) the defect arises because the Buyer failed to follow the Company’s oral or written instructions as to the storage, use or maintenance of the Costume or (if there are none) good practice; or
(c) the Buyer alters or repairs the Costume without the written consent of the Company.

Subject to the conditions above if the Costume does not conform with any of the warranties in condition the Company shall at its option repair or replace the Costume (or the defective part) or refund the price of the Costume provided that, if the Company so requests, the Buyer shall, at the Buyer’s expense, return the Costume to the Company.
If the Company complies with these conditions, it shall have no further liability for a breach of any of the warranties in condition 9.1 in respect of the Costume

Due to the delicate nature of the fabrics used in production of the Costume, the Company cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by normal wear and tear after receipt of the Costume by the Buyer. Chiffon, Lace and Sequined fabric is very delicate and we cannot be responsible for any friction, pulls or damage incurred after the garment has been delivered.

Doire Dress limited cannot be held responsible for any damaged due to Normal wear and tear

  • Loss of crystals and adornments such as pearls

  • Mishandling when storing or cleaning the dress

  • Careless handling of the dress

  • Alterations carried out by another dress maker or company.

Caring for Your Garment

Irish dance costumes are a very delicate garments and should be handled with care.

  • it is recommend that between your rounds at a feis your dress should be protected and stored in a suitable dress bag.

  • When not using your costume you should always have it stored in your dress bag flat and folded in two with the zip undone, as you received it.

  • Irish Dance dresses are fitted to the dancer standing please do not bend down with the zipper closed as this will place strain on seams

  • Please don’t apply any weight at any time on the skirt.

  • When at a feis prior to dancing you should unfold the skirt and settle it into kick pleats.

Damages due to poor care will not be compensated. The loss of crystals is expressly excluded from any and all warranties expressed or implied.

All warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law (save for the conditions implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979) are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded from the Contract.



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