Gold Range Dress Four Deposit

Gold Range Dress Four Deposit


Doire Dress has relaunched the Gold Range of Irish Dancing Dresses for 2019 with four brand new styles as a custom fitted alternative to off the rack irish dance dresses

Our booking deposit to place an order is £200 sterling or approximately $300 US Dollars see the pricing information below for a guide price for the finished dress excluding crystals

The Gold Range is a  set collection of solo dress bodice styles, which dancers can choose from, with various skirt, sleeves and collar options. Create a beautiful Irish Dance Dress which is custom fitted, crafted from a wide variety of fabrics, in a range of colour options.

Shauna fully appreciates the cost of having an Irish Dancer in the family: the Gold Range is keenly priced so that every dancer has the opportunity to step out in a tailor-made solo dress by Doire Dress.

Shauna Shiels and the team at Doire Dress have years of experience creating custom made Irish dance dresses which are elegant and beautifully crafted in Ireland.

If you have any questions please contact our team Email us on or call us on +44 (0) 28 7135 8016

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Our dresses are priced according to size and these are the sizes we use when pricing our Gold Range of dresses 

               Dancers Age          Height          Chest
Petit        Below 6           up to 43"    up to 23"  £495
Poko      6-7                      44-47           24-27        £595

Midi      7-9                      49-53           26-28        £625
Mitte      9-10                    53-56           28-30      £675
Grande  11-13                  58-62          30-32        £725
Grandeur 14 plus             62" up       32" plus    £795