Codie Range


If you love simplicity & elegance you will love our Codie Range. Exclusive designs created with crystals. No inserts. No Embroidery . No Fuss!


Codie Range 3Di


Less is more with a Codie Dress. This is lightweight dress with a beautiful three panel skirt which is simply stunning on stage, with the added splash of accent colour underneath catching attention as you dance.

Pricing Codie Range

Our dresses are priced according to size and these are the sizes we use when pricing our Codie Range of dresses with no inserts and no embroidery.

               Dancers Age          Height          Chest

Below 6                up to 43"      up to 23"  £495

6-7                       44-47           24-27        £595    

7-9                      49-53            26-28        £625

9-10                    53-56           28-30       £675

11-13                    58-62           30-32        £725

14 plus                 62" up          32" plus    £795

Adult Estimates will be provided based on adult measurements

If you would like to add embroidery, like some of our dresses shown above, then this dress is classed as a Codie Plus dress, please request a brochure for pricing.

Our booking deposit to place an order is £300 sterling or $500 US Dollars. 

Send us a message with any questions on pricing, lead times or about our order process or call us on 02871358016